Are you looking for your dream home? But do not know where to start or how to approach it? River Makelaardij BV is a specialist in supervising the purchase of homes. We know the market in Amsterdam and the surrounding area and we can therefore save you costs by working as a purchasing agent. We would like to invite you for an informal meeting in which you can make your search wishes known.


What can our brokers do for you?

Of course we will provide good advice and professional guidance to find your new home.

Together we will map your living requirements so that the search for the ultimate dream home becomes a lot easier. Once we have found a beautiful home, we will investigate the architectural condition, the municipal rules and plans and other essential matters.

Of course we will accompany you to the viewing and we will take care of the negotiations. Also a valuation of the new house, assisting with legal advice, contact with the notary and a smooth transfer is arranged by us.

Purchase Advice

An NVM broker guides you safely and efficiently through the entire purchase process.

What’s involved in buying a home?

The independent and sober input from the estate agent you can prove invaluable service. He protects you from making a wrong purchase or paying too much. He warns you of the risks because you are best served by a house that holds its value. An NVM broker has a good view on this.

You can’t be expected to keep daily track of which come up for sale housing. But for the NVM broker that is precisely his job. Give your NVM broker a search query. This means that your NVM broker discusses your wishes with you, as well as your financial leeway. Based on this information, the NVM broker searches a suitable property for you.

An NVM broker uses the NVM computer network, in which all houses for sale in and outside the region are registered, when searching for a property. Your request and wishes are compared with the properties on the market. This makes the search very efficient. The chance that you will overlook your perfect home is very small.

Of course you can choose to look for a house yourself. But if you find a suitable property, then what? An NVM broker can negotiate for you, advise you on financing and building matters, can obtain information about the foundation and municipal zoning plans, etc. In addition, an NVM broker can protect you from possible legal barriers and clamps.