A valuation report may be required for various purposes. A request for financing, tax return, division of property, purchase or sale of the property may lead to the preparation of an official valuation report. If you want to have a valuation carried out, you can choose between a Regular or NWWI valuation. An NWWI report is a fixed validated report that can not be changed. In most cases, the lender wants to receive an NWWI report.

Appraiser Amsterdam

For a correct valuation, River Makelaardij BV carries out an inspection of the property. During this valuation, the property is viewed in numerous important facets.

The most important aspects are maintenance, content and surface, layout, construction and materials. We also look extensively at insulating facilities, legal aspects and the surroundings and surroundings of the home.


To obtain the right information, the appraiser not only informs with the owner of the property, but also the municipality and the Land Registry. The appraiser will also ask you for a proof of ownership and other relevant documents from the home. A valuation may be required for the sale, purchase, transfer or refinancing of your mortgage.